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A key American client was helped by PAN Market consulting (PMC) in identifying USD 6 Million market potential into super absorbent polymer used in agriculture industry.

Problem statement of client

An American client was looking for venturing into super absorbent polymer used in the agriculture sector. The client was interested in understanding the new market potential and the competitive scenario across the globe with more focus on the supply chain of the product globally.

PMC Custom approach and Methodology

Top super absorbent producing countries for agriculture were identified by the analysis of production capacities, export and import data of the key manufactures of the product. Current market scenario along with the estimated market potential across the geographies and application area were assessed.

Study of Supply chain of the product was more focused because it will help the client in understating the overall market for super absorbent polymer across different geographies in agriculture sector.

Value Delivered

New market opportunities were identified for the client which will help them in increasing their revenue by USD 6 Million in next 2-3 years.

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