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Chemicals and Materials

Leading player of Europe in filtration and separation industry was helped in exploring the new market for air filtration in different countries

Problem statement of client

PAN Market Consulting (PMC) was approached by client from Europe for analyzing the various parameters needed for evaluation of potential type of material, filter media, and end use industries using filter media for their daily operations.

PMC Custom approach and Methodology

PMC delivered the client with an analysis which contain was both quantitative and qualitative information of various material type, filter media and end use application across the region and countries. Primary and secondary parameters were considered while deriving the market numbers required by the client. Factors considered during the studies includes, identification and analysis of types of material used in various applications in the end use industries in different countries.

Value Delivered

The client was able to acquire the best valuable insights related with air filtration market after analyzing the solution provided by the PMC which help them in growing their revenue by approximately USD 60 Million.

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