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Energy & Utilities

An Europe based company which is a global supplier of electric power equipment was helped by Pan Market Consulting (PMC) in identifying the purchasing patterns, competitive landscape, and prioritizing the markets end use applications for the switchgear. PMC also helped in identifying new market of USD 47 Million by targeting product positioning.

Problem Statement of Client

Client was interested in Switchgear potential market and pricing analysis. The client was more interested in drivers and opportunities, preference of purchase, entry barriers as an analysis part.

PMC Custom approach and Methodology

Complete competitive landscape of the auto switchgear market was delivered by PMC which helped the client in understanding the better product positioning. PMC helped the client in evaluating the product strategy by analyzing the players which are non NEMA and their product acceptance in the market. The client was also helped with development of new product and ways for improving market penetration, identification and recommendations for attractive markets to augment targeted efforts. Various end users identifying auto switchgear were also identified for the client. Our offerings helped our client to identify the market size of various industries using auto switchgear along with the micro and macro-economic factors impacting the market.

Value Delivered

The client was helped by PMC by identification and prioritization of the end user industries using the auto switchgear and helped in identifying new market of USD 47 Million by targeting product positioning and considering the impact of non NEMA players along with economic factors.

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