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Leading player reusable packaging in the sustainable packaging market was helped in exploring the growth opportunities for different packaging types

Problem statement of client

Sustainable packaging is becoming more and more popular day because of the higher standard set by several leading brands for their environmental goals. This leads to a more competitive landscape. A client which is one of the leading market players wanted demand evaluation of the different reusable packaging solutions for future perspective.

PMC Custom approach and Methodology

Interviewed were conducted from both demand and supply side for figuring out the current market scenario and also to understand how the growth scenario in various industries will impact the growth of reusable packaging. It also helped in identification of product and preference of the companies. Interviews were also conducted with distributors and suppliers which helped in concluding which business or product segment the competitors have been targeting and how it is useful for the client.

Value Delivered

The study will helped the client in increasing its revenue by USD 70-90 Million from the lubricant business by the year 2025.

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