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Semiconductors & Electronics

A player which is very prominent in the LED market was helped in enhancing its potential revenue by approximately USD 65 Million.

Problem Statement of Client

LED market prominent player who was looking for understanding trends of the current market was interested in expanding its business in various leading applications. The client was also interested in launching LED’s which would be technologically advanced.

Pan Market Consulting (PMC) was engaged by the client for conducting study with the objectives given below:

  • LEDs markets sizing and forecasting used in applications such as lighting, display of consumer goods, automotive etc for targeting applications which will be fasted growing.
  • Analyzing and understanding of technologies which are very advanced like GaN-on-Silicon used in LEDs manufacturing, its value chain and recent developments.
  • Company profile and competitive benchmarking of key players offering LEDs.

Value Delivered

The client was helped by PMC by identification and prioritization of the applications and helped in identifying new market of approximately USD 65 Million

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